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Pirates started slinging grog at Jean Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop in New Orleans back in 1722. (Courtesy Infrogmation/Wikimedia Commons)

12 Oldest Places in America

Just how far back in time does human achievement go in this country? We challenged ourselves to find out and in the process discovered everything from a prehistoric settlement near St. Louis to a pirate bar in New Orleans. What constitutes "old" depends on where in the world you are—200 ...

FILE PHOTO - Shenandoah Valley

One-tank escapes for 8 cities

Summer vacation doesn't have to mean a long, expensive trek. These getaways are a short drive from eight major urban areas. All you need is a weekend and a tank of gas! Shenandoah Valley, Va. 107 miles from Washington, D.C. A collection of 10 independent cities make up the Shenandoah ...


6 tricks for NOT embarrassing yourself in a foreign language

If you've ever traveled abroad, you've done it. The improvised sign language and Hokey Pokey-esque gyrations in an attempt to buy a souvenir at a market or find a bathroom. Becoming fluent in a foreign language isn't really feasible for a one-week vacation, but what can you do to avoid ...

7 common expenses that take travelers by surprise

You've carefully planned your vacation budget to the last cent, factoring in flights, hotels, transportation, and even three meals a day. Don't get too comfortable. There are a host of additional fees that you need to be aware of. Here are the seven biggest ones that could take you by ...

Miami Beach Vacation Rental house with pool and fantastic bay view, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, sleeps eight, $3,500/week, or $125/room per night.

8 ways to save big on summer travel

Budget Travel is second to none when it comes to practical tips to take the hassle-and the expense-out of a summer vacation. Here, our favorite insider secrets and online tools to get you where you want to be. PLUS: Our top must-have summer gear. Save on: Lodgings How: Look beyond ...


Skiing in summer in Chile

A summer ski trip is more than a novelty. It's a self-indulgent subversion of the natural order. It's dessert before dinner, a Bloody Mary at breakfast, a weekend on Wednesday. It feels impossible, yet there it is. It's something every skier should try at least once. SEE MORE TRAVEL-INSPIRING PHOTOS! ...

FILE PHOTO - Grand Canyon National Park Tusayan Ruins Tour

Confessions of a National Park Ranger

Each year, Grand Canyon National Park sees close to 5 million visitors. From wildfires to helicopter rescues to lost tourists, a park ranger dishes on what really goes on behind the scenes at a national park. ALL THAT FRESH AIR COMES AT A PRICE There's a saying about park rangers: ...


13 spas with breathtaking views

Sometimes what's on the outside matters as much as what's on the inside. That's certainly true at these world spas, where the views are as enriching as the treatments. From Venice’s iconic St. Mark’s Square to the glaciers of Alaska, we found 13 spas where you can take in million-dollar ...

8 common vacations: Surprising things you'll need

Sunscreen? Check. Extra socks? Double-check. There are some things you'll never forget to pack, whether you're headed to the Swiss slopes or the wilds of Africa. But your go-to packing checklist will only get you so far. Each unique vacation type—from a rugged eco-tour to a weekend getaway to a ...

Hildene (Manchester, VT) - The 107-year-old Hildene is a must-see for presidential-history buffs: After all, it was built by Robert Lincoln, the only son of Abraham to survive to adulthood. Photo courtesy 'Rolf Müller'. (List courtesy

The 14 most beautiful home and garden tours in America

You might think home and garden tours are merely a superficial pleasure (the kind Grandma might enjoy), but you're only half right. Sure, these estates offer their fair share of sensory pleasures—the scent of blossoming flowers, the gurgle of fountains, the warmth of the sunshine as you traverse the grounds—but ...

The U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

15 places every kid should see before 15

 Last year, we picked 15 US landmarks every child should see before they turn 15 and you didn't always agree with our picks. This time we asked you to help us put together the definitive family vacation checklist. What made a monument worthy of inclusion? It needed to be fun, ...

31 items
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