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Posted: March 25, 2015

Electrician finds home wired to explode during inspection

By Laurel Lee

WDBO - Orlando

MILTON, Mass. —

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An electrician in Massachusetts came across a chilling discovery when inspecting a home that was for sale: the house was wired to explode.

The chief of police in Milton stated that the explosive device was designed to cause “significant destruction” after the previous tenants had moved out.

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It is those tenants that are suspected of setting up the device which would go off when a certain light switch, which was connected to a jug of accelerant, was turned on.

"The switch sets off a spark and the gas explodes,” the police chief explains, “whoever flipped the switch, once the power was back on, would have no idea they were doing it."

Thankfully, the power to the home had been shut off after the house hadn’t passed inspection.

The bomb squad took several hours to disable the wiring that spanned multiple rooms.

The people who had set up the explosive device took care to try to hide the bomb, concealing it behind a newly plastered closet wall.

The previous tenants, who moved out last week, are also suspected of pouring concrete down the drains of the home.

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