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Posted: January 29, 2014

AT&T offers $100 credit to customers who add a new line



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In its latest move to win over customers, AT&T is now offering $100 credit to customers who add a new line.

AT&T says the offer is a way to reward customers for their loyalty. It works for any line, including smartphones, tablets, hotspot or Wireless Home Phone lines, but your account must have been in good standing for at least 45 days.

Although wireless carriers constantly offer new promotions, it's no secret that AT&T and T-Mobile have been attempting to one-up each other for a while now. (Via Marketplace)

After all, AT&T offered people $450 to switch from T-Mobile. In response, T-Mobile offered people up to $350 to cover early termination fees if they switched. (Via PC Magazine)

If that's not aggressive competition, we're not sure what is. But a writer for The Verge notes things are getting ugly, fast.

T-Mobile went as far as to criticize AT&T via a fake press release. And T-Mobile's "tone has gotten increasingly belligerent, following the style of its profane CEO John Legere, and it looks like AT&T is taking the bait."

Although neither AT&T or T-Mobile have clearly come out on top in their war for customers, a writer forUbergizmo points out one perk.

"We suppose at the end of the day the customers are the ones who win, so we can't really complain, right?"

AT&T's latest offer is good until March 31.

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