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Posted: September 25, 2014

Man infested with tapeworms after eating sushi: Hoax or real?

Snopes claims story is not accurate


Man infested with tapeworms after eating sushi: Hoax or real?
Tape worm infestation

By Rick Couri


Update: states that this story is not accurate, and that the shocking images may be associated with a case from earlier this year involving raw pork or beef, not fish.


Original story: The man went to his doctor when he couldn’t get rid of stomach pains and itchy skin.


After an examination and x-rays, he was told the problem was tapeworms.


Lots of tapeworms.


Doctors at Guangzhou No. 8 People's Hospital in Guangdong Province in eastern China told the man it was likely he picked up the parasites by eating slices of raw fish, called sashimi.


The Journal Canadian Family Physician reports infestations like this are on the rise around the world.


Nancy Craig wrote, “The widespread popularity of Japanese sushi and sashimi is a contributor."


It’s expected the man will be fine because treatment for the condition is simple and effective as long as the infection doesn’t reach the brain.


If it does, doctors say it can be fatal.


More here.  

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