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Posted: October 09, 2015

50-lane traffic jam in China strands thousands of drivers


            50-lane traffic jam in China strands thousands of drivers
Photo credit: China Daily China Daily Infor / Reuters

By Samantha Jordan

WDBO - Orlando

BEIJING, China —

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Just when you thought your commute was bad, take a look at this!

Thousands of drivers on the road following the end of a week-long national holiday were gridlocked on Tuesday on the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway.

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A drone flying overhead captured the chaotic scene happening in 50-lanes of traffic. Several drivers got out of their cars to stroll the expressway and stretch their legs during the hours-long traffic nightmare.

According to the Daily Mail, the congestion was caused by a new checkpoint at the other side of the toll, which had the road lanes merging from 50 to less than 20 lanes. 

Many of the drivers were returning from 'Golden Week' celebrations which brings heavy tourism to the area. 
More than 750 million Chinese were expected to be hitting the road between October 1 and 7.

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