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The Pink Channel

The Pink Channel

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Air Around the Clock serves South Florida with top quality services and sells all makes and models of A/C, Major Appliance and Refrigeration.  Get more information about the official sponsor of THE PINK CHANNEL!

Air Around The Clock located in Coral Springs.  Call us @ 954.742.5544 or 561.395.7799 or visit or find us on facebook here!

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Special section: Breast Cancer Awareness

Find local Breast Cancer Awareness events, read the latest news and educate yourself on the latest treatment and prevention tips.

Pink Channel Information...sponsored by Air Around The Clock

Information from the Susan G. Komen For The Cure

Specialists recommend that beginning by age 20, women become familiar with the look and feel of their breasts through monthly breast self-examination.

Breast Cancer Info from Memorial Regional Hospital

Call to schedule any Breast Imaging Exam 954.276.5500 Clinical trials research line 954.265.3344 Mobile Mammography Van can be reserved for businesses/schools/government buildings/community.