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Hurricanes & Tropical Storms

Local and nationwide hurricane news, tracking maps, photos, video, satellite, radar, alerts, blogs and storm preparation guide

Hurricane Guide

Essential Websites, Numbers and Addresses

 Essential web sites, phone numbers and addresses with resources you need to stay safe should Tropical Storm Erika pose a threat to South FL.

Hurricane map

Download a printable map to track this year's hurricanes.

Be Prepared for the Storm

Food and water tips

Make sure you know what you need and how to make it last. 

Hurricane Tracking Map

caribbean radar

Caribbean satellite

Interactive Caribbean tracking map

Pacific radar

Pacific satellite

Interactive Pacific tracking map

Hawaii radar

Hawaii satellite

Interactive Hawaii tracking map


Before the storm

Get organized, prepared

What to do when a storm threatens or is approaching


During the Storm

Don't panic during storm

What to do when a storm is hitting your area.


After the storm

Stay safe during aftermath

Tips on how to survive and recover after a storm



Preparation is key

Use our before and after the storm checklists to get yourself ready.

Price Gouging

Just prior to a disaster and during the early recovery period, items like food, ice, generators, lanterns, lumber, etc.

Hurricane Dean


Learn the basics of hurricanes

The ingredients for a hurricane include a pre-existing weather disturbance, warm tropical oceans, moisture, and relatively light winds aloft. If the right conditions persist long enough, they can combine to produce the violent winds, incredible waves, torrential rains, and floods we associate with this phenomenon.