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Posted: October 24, 2013

TiVo gives iOS devices 'stream anywhere' update



After an impressive launch of Roamio Pro and Roamio Plus in August, TiVo is releasing an update to its iOS device app Thursday that will let people stream their DVR from anywhere with Wi-Fi. 

“I can take the shows I usually wouldn’t have time to watch, put them on my iPad, and take them on my train ride.” (Via TiVo)

But there are some restrictions when you decide to take your TV viewing on tour: One, the quality of the stream depends on the quality of Internet connection. Also, some shows and channels will be restricted due to content agreements, such as HBO and Showtime. 

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CNET writes, “There are several limitations in place that might make this feature a little less user-friendly than TiVo would have you believe.”

But for other tech writers, the update seems to be just what the doctor ordered — with many raving about the new service. 

TechCrunch writes, “The update provides more reason to be a TiVo user, as the Roamio now serves as a kind of all-in-one DVR, Slingbox, and Apple TV.”

And according to The Verge, “The best DVR on the market just got better.”

Unfortunately, if you are not one of Apple’s loyal disciples, then you’re going to have to wait for TiVo’s new service. (Via Apple)

The “stream-anywhere” update won’t be available for Android devices until spring 2014.  

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