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Rickey Smiley Morning Show on 99 JAMZ

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Toine the Don

Toine The Don 

When did you know that you wanted to be on the radio? It was my last year of middle school, I would come home and just listen to the radio ALL DAY and one day I came to the conclusion that this is what I wanted to do with my life and I beleived I would, now I am. 

Favorite part of your job? Connecting with the audience and being able to relate with so many people right in my own backyard.

Favorite reality TV star? Why? Hmmm... Phaedra Parks from The Real Housewives of Atlanta because she reminded me to can fix all our problems "Jesus" #FixItJesus

If you could play 21 questions with anyone dead or alive, who would you choose? For some reason, Snoop Dogg comes to mind

If you could take a selfie with anyone who would it be? The POTUS! I have selfies with er'body, except Mr. President! That'll be dope

Favorite social site? (FB, IG, Twitter, etc) I am truly an Instagram fanatic! Everyday I'm Instagrammin' *Rick Ross voice* 

Do you have a worthy cause that's close to your heart? The Annual "March for Cancer" 5k Walk/Run Marathon.

How would your friends describe you? My friends would probably say I'm a soft-hearted, slick-mouthed, ready to go 0-100, church going young man!

What keeps you motivated? The Memory of my loving Mother! She passed in December of 2010 and the fact that I know she's looking down on me DAILY motivates me to be and do the BEST I CAN in everything that I do! Miss that lady deeply

Biggest inspiration? My BIGGEST Inspiration comes from my nephew Barry! Like me, he's growing up without a Father and a single mother, but I have watched this baby grow into a well-mannered young man that's headed in the right path in life! He truly inspires his Uncle to keep fighting the good fight!

In your opinion, which decade was the best and why? WHAT! Got to be the 90's! No BILLS, No WORRIES, No Fake Friends, JUST LIFE as a child! Aaah... Where's the rewind button

Ugly for life or attractive and die in a year? I have a lot of living to do before I die, so guess I'll be ugly for life! That's not a fair question 

Best compliment you've received? The best compliment I recieved was on posted on the 99Jamz Facebook page! I was grocery shopping one day and decided to PAY-IT-FORWARD and carried the lady in front of me groceries to her car for her, not knowing she would notice me from the radio station, the next day, she expressed her love and much of a gentlemen she thought I was! 

Do you have a guilty pleasure? YES! Oh my goodness, don't tell nobody, but those SNICKERS ICE CREAM BARS have Jesus in them! My God

If you could wake up tomorrow having gained one quality or ability, what would it be? The ability to say "NO" and mean it! People will take your kindness for weakness, EVERY chance they get!

How can you be reached? I'm such the social media guy, you can find me anywhere Facebook, Twitter or on IG

DJ Griot

You can listen to me live:On the Sunday Old School Mix 7-9pm Birthday & Sign: AUG 14thHometown:MIAMIHow long have you been in radio:10 YEARSRole Models:JESUS When I'm not on air...: I'M ON MY GRINDFavorite all-time artists: 2PACFavorite Song: ME AGAINST THE WORLD Favorite Sports Team: MIAMI HURRICANE I can't stand: LAZY PEOPLELifelong dream: : OWNING MEDIA NETWORKSWorse Job experience: Don’t have any!If I was president, my vice president would be: MY BROTHERWords to live by: THE HAND OF THE DILIGENT SHALL BEAR RULE BUT THE SLOTHFUL SHALL BE UNDER TRIBUTE (PR 12:24)I can be reached at:

Felisha Monet

You can listen to me live: Weekdays 2PM-6PM Birthday & Sign: October 18th baby….Libra Libra Ya’llHometown: Hempstead, New York …516 All Day!!!!.

When did you know that you wanted to be on the radio? When I was in my Mommy's belly surfboarding in the womb! 

Favorite part of your job? Connecting with the listeners and community !!! 

Favorite reality TV star? Why? Momma D cause everyone deserves to follow their dreams even when they teeth fall out

If you could play 21 questions with anyone dead or alive, who would you choose? Young Thug... Would need a translator on deck tho!

If you could take a selfie with anyone who would it be? Oprah!!!!! 

Favorite social site? (FB, IG, Twitter, etc) Twitter

Do you have a worthy cause that's close to your heart? There are many amazing organizations down here doing tremendous work within the community but the closest to my heart would be The Susan B Anthony Recovery Home in Broward. 

How would your friends describe you? Too nice until you piss me off... Then it's Lights OUT! LoL 

What keeps you motivated? Me wanting to be the better than yesterday

Biggest inspiration? My son! He is depending on me on all levels! 

In your opinion, which decade was the best and why? The Golden Era... The 90's!!! Had the best sitcoms In Living Color, Martin, Fresh Prince and it's the most impactful era in Hip Hop....Biggie TuPac Lauryn Hill ...The Chronic album... Outcast...Classic albums!!! And the dopest Air Max releases. Long live the 90's!!!! 

Ugly for life or attractive and die in a year? Hmmmm define your ugly tho!!!?!? Like how ugly??? Might have to be attractive with that 12 month sentence 

Best compliment you've received? I have a smile that will light up a room of stone cold killers, thugs and goons (Not the last part... But it sound 100)

Do you have a guilty pleasure? Reality TV & Ice Cream gets me every time! SmH

If you could wake up tomorrow having gained one quality or ability, what would it be?  Super powers that would zap every negative person/ thought with my positivity fairy dust. POOF

I can be reached at:

Benji Brown

NAME: Benji Brown

AFFILIATION: Poeboy, William morris

I REP: Brown World

HOBBIES: sports, traveling and reading


FAVORITE BOOK: rich dad poor dad

LAST BOOK I READ: the women with the alibaster jar

FAVORITE MOVIES: wizard of oz and men of honor

MY FAVORITE RESTAURANTS: my grandma’s kitchen

MY DREAM DATE IS WITH: IF I HAD A MILLION DOLLARS I WOULD: have a million and five dollars


FAVORITE T.V. SHOWS: to catch a predator

I LIVE BY THIS QUOTE: “custom without truth is error grown old”



TWITTER- @benjibrown1

FACEBOOK- benji brown

Miss Kimmy

NAME: Kimmy B.

ALIASES: Miss Kimmy, Kimmy Kim, BBK, and my Favorite “Lady Hennessy”

Miss Kimmy began her career in the radio game 7 years ago when she landed a coveted internship with Miami’s most historic station, 99Jamz/WEDR.  With a lot of hard work, persistence, and dedication, Kimmy has been able to grow that internship with 99Jamz into a full blown radio career, and has become an integral part of morning radio as the local co-host of the Rickey Smiley Morning Show in Miami.  Her dynamic personality, ability to engage and interact with on-air guests, multi-cultural background, and strong ties to the South Florida community have helped her captivate her listeners and solidify her place on the Miami Air-Waves and in this highly competitive business.

When she’s not on-air you can find Miss Kimmy hanging out with her friends at any of Miami’ hottest “HOT” spots, enjoying a great meal, soaking up the South Florida sun, attending a ‘Canes, ‘Fins, Heat, or Marlins game, or giving back to the community.  She’s a world traveler, a lover of the arts, a PASSIONATE sports fan, a Foodie, an avid reader (books are food for the mind the way music is food for the soul), and most importantly a person who embraces opportunity and challenges alike.  She definitely lives her life to the fullest!

In Kimmy’s own words, “Radio is a Passion NOT a Job”, and it’s that passion that continues to drive her and push her to grow her craft, hone her skills, and strive for greatness.  Her vivacious and outgoing personality, and genuine interest in people and new things make her accessible, and she prides herself on the fact that she can talk to anyone about anything, anytime, and anywhere.  You can check Miss Kimmy out weekday mornings from 6-10am and on-line at heading up 99Jamz “Live On-Line” which brings you the latest in entertainment news, exclusive interviews, coverage of local events, and more.  When she’s not on-air, you can find her in the streets, trying to make a difference, dedicating time to mentoring our kids and giving back to the community, and of course cheering on local high-school football teams.  She’s also part of the GenerationNexxt Youth Sports Network which airs on NBC6, adding Sports Reporter and TV host to her resume.  And, while Kimmy says there are no limits when it comes to where her Dreams will take her, one thing is certain…Radio will always be her 1st love!!



TWITTER: @MissKimmy99



99 JAMZ Personalities

99 JAMZ has some of the most talented people in the world jammin' your airwaves and keeping you company all day long, all night long, all weekend long....well you know what we mean.  WE ALWAYS JAMMIN'!

Wake Up with the Rickey Smiley Morning Show...including our very own Benji Brown and Miss Kimmy, plus Gary D. Wright with that Morning Rush Traffic.

Get through work with Shelby Rushin

Make it home safely with The Afternoon Jump-Off with Lorenzo "Ice Tea" Thomas and Gary D. Wright.

And The Takeover with DJ Khaled keeps the JAMZ flowing into the night!

Your Weekend Jamz with Lil Bear, DJ Ice T, Mike B., and Felisha Monet.

The 99 JAMZ Mixers including DJ Griot, DJ Irie, DJ Kool G, King Waggy Tee, and DJ Entice.

Every Sunday morning it's 99 JAMZ Inspirationally Yours with Maestro Powell, Angela Haynes, Wendell Ford, and Freddie J.

Plus 99 JAMZ very own Cheryl Mizell keeps you in touch with all the Community News all week long!


You can listen to me live: Weekdays from 6pm to 11pm in the TakeOver with DJ Khaled

Birthday & Sign: November 26, Sagittarius Hometown: New Orleans, LA How long have you been in radio: 5 years professionally Role Models: Mom, Dad, Fat Joe, and Allah When I'm not on air...: I'm in the studio. Favorite all-time artists: Fat Joe, 2Pac, B.I.G. and Big Pun Favorite Song: "Sexual Healing" --Marvin Gaye Favorite Sports Team: All of Miami teams I can't stand: Player haters Lifelong dream: Live 4 ever and stay healthy. Worse Job experience: Looking for a job If I was president, my vice president would be: Me, I would be both. Words to live by: "Give Thanks" I can be reached at: 954-392-8194 or email:

Lorenzo Ice Tea Thomas

Visit for more on Lorenzo Ice Tea Thomas!

Birthday & Sign: My Birthday is June 9th

Lorenzo Ice-Tea Thomas Lorenzo can be heard on Miami s WEDRs 99 Jamz! "Rockin on the Radio” during the coveted 2- 6pm time slot. His show called The Afternoon Jump-Off has dominated in the ratings for years. Known for his unique vocal quality and engaging personality, Lorenzo loves is audience. For some he is that crazy family member doing the "Wobble Wobble", to others he is the best friend you never had, for some of his female fans he is the hot date that picks them up at 2 pm. You know Lorenzo Loves the Ladies and the Ladies Love Lorenzo. Monday - Friday, 2pm to 6pm it's nothing but energy coming through your speakers to get his audience through the day. Interacting with your audience is so important, my fans need to know just how much I love and appreciate them.


Lorenzo's reign in Miami has been amazing! In addition to huge ratings in a very competitive market, he hosts events for WEDR 99 JAMZ, Hip Hop 4 Health for Children, First Fridays, The 400 Club, The Miami Dolphins, Jennie and Juwan Howard Juice Foundation of the Miami Heat, Education Benefits, and Political campaigns.  The Lorenzo Thomas brand is so respected that quite a few companies such as AT & T, Apple, Heresy, Pepsi, NBA, Brandsmart, and many others has linked Lorenzo image and likeness to endorse their products. The building a huge fan base led to a successful ten-year stint as a travel ambassador to Jamaica. Lorenzo invited friends to join his travel group in the lap of luxury for fun in Jamaica for his Annual Birthday Bash.  In addition, a recent graduate of Miami Film School, Thomas has also performed a great deal in the local theater circuit, as well as directing and acting in his own self produced film entitled Perfect Peace and his preparation for future film projects.

The industry has also profiled Thomas's skills in trades such as Billboard, Airplay Monitor, BRE, Impact and Hits who have been following the jocks career for years. Publications have also recognized him as Urban Network Magazines Radio Air Personality of the Year and Radio Facts Magazine named him Jock of the Millennium. Over the years Lorenzo has demonstrated another secret to the success of the "Ice Tea" machine is to remain humble, but yet and still posses the ability to self promote effectively through events and self-organized parties, radio promotions, television and commercial appearances, stand-up performances, and additional business ventures throughout each and every regional he has worked through out his career.  The result has made Lorenzo “Ice-Tea” Thomas one of the most recognized air personalities in an industry that hardly ever puts a face to the voice. "Radio allows me not only to perform, but it also challenges me to discover new ways to entertain because the listeners can't see me



Lorenzo acting resume includes such blockbuster hits as Enemy of State, Liberty Heights, and Forces of Nature; Lorenzo has also made a place for himself in the acting world. Some local and national cable viewers may have even recognized Thomas in the Discovery channel reenactment show, FBI Files, The Detective series and HBO's Autopsy. The natural comedienne in Thomas has also earned him credits on the Cosby Show, a national 1-800 AT&T commercial alongside Marlon Wayans, a comedy skit performed on HBO's The Chris Rock Show; Thomas has also performed VJ duties for BET's and Voice-overs for the BET network.  Thomas entrepreneurial ventures have not gone unnoticed either. Lorenzo's knack for self-promotion made him a prominent figure with social elite in each market he has succeeded. With a talent for predicting trends and forecasting foibles, Thomas also became a local designer with a web-based fashion collection well suited for the "It Girl". The Lorenzo Collection's debut in January 2002 gave the stylish woman yet another option for their ever-expanding wardrobe.  

Thomas is starting up The Lorenzo Foundation for Women, Sports, and Children (WSC) is a private, non-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the health and well being of single mothers and their children. Recognizing the growing demands on single mothers, WSC provides social support networks to help with home maintenance, information referral via our website and hotline, and opportunities for children to attend enrichment programs and summer activity camps. WSC promotes the health and well being of single mothers to instill the same values in their children. In the Court of Consummate Performers and Air Jocks, Lorenzo "Ice Tea" Thomas continues to reign supreme in Miami with a #1 rating in his time slot. Extremely versatile, and a jack of all trades, radio, television, theater, film, nightlife, and the fashion industry has garnered a consistent and unrivaled love from his listeners and friends.  Lorenzo loves what he does, “this career which has enabled me to formulate friendship all over country” from several markets such as Richmond, Norfolk, Baltimore, Washington DC and Miami has been embraced everywhere I have worked. It’s hard to imagine receiving the love that Thomas has received and not being a native, but in a city that has been the home of so many greats, the Miami audience is no stranger to talent, making Thomas an obvious candidate for the embrace this competitive market, and he maintains #1 status.

Shelby Rushin

NAME: Shelby Rushin

ALIASES: Midday Chic, Mommy

AFFILIATION: AKA Sorority Inc., Divas Inc.

When did you know that you wanted to be on the radio? After basically being raised in a radio station…

Favorite part of your job? The music and Interaction with the many listeners 

Favorite reality TV star? NeNe Leaks from The real Housewives of ATL Why? Because she is very in yo face straight to the point! Aint nobody got time to beat around the bush!   

If you could play 21 questions with anyone dead or alive, who would you choose? 2 Pac for sure…

If you could take a selfie with anyone who would it be? President Barack Obama and Bill Clinton

Favorite social site? (FB, IG, Twitter, etc) Facebook

Do you have a worthy cause that's close to your heart? Finding a cure for “Cancer”

How would your friends describe you? Other than 0 to 100!? Fun, Loving and very giving

What keeps you motivated? My 2 beautiful children  

Biggest inspiration? My parents

In your opinion, which decade was the best and why? 80’s were fun and care free!

Ugly for life or attractive and die in a year? Ugly for life… I still have plenty to do!

Do you have a guilty pleasure? Chocolate covered strawberries…

If you could wake up tomorrow having gained one quality or ability, what would it be? The ability to end world hunger…



TWITTER- @middaychic

FACEBOOK- Shelby Rushin

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