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Posted: May 09, 2013

Flagler Bridge drivers: Traffic patterns about to change as construction proceeds

By Sonja Isger

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

The ramp from the westbound Flagler Memorial Bridge onto northbound Flagler Drive will reopen with a new traffic light at the base of the exit ramp a week from Friday on May 17, the state’s department of transportation said.

Construction of a replacement for the bridge commonly referred to as the “north bridge” will require several interim changes to the traffic pattern coming off the bridge from Palm Beach and into West Palm Beach starting May 17.

Right now the drawbridge spans the Intracoastal Waterway and crosses over Flagler Drive. That overpass will be replaced with an “at-grade” intersection with traffic signals. The project is estimated to cost $94.2 million.

Next week when the ramp reopens the DOT reports the following traffic pattern changes will be in effect:

Westbound drivers who take the ramp to North Flagler Drive will be required to stop on red at the signal at the base of the ramp; drivers going north or south on Flagler Drive will be required to stop on red at the new signal to allow drivers coming off the ramp to go either north or south on Flagler Drive; drivers going north from the ramp will not be able to turn left onto 6th Street; drivers going east on 6th Street will not be able to go left on Flagler Drive; and drivers exiting the Bank of America drive-thru will not be able to go north on Flagler Drive.

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