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Posted: July 24, 2015

After theater shooting, Jindal says it’s not time to talk about gun laws

By Cox Media Group National Content Desk

LAFAYETTE, Louisiana —

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Gov. Bobby Jindal, a presidential candidate for the Republican Party,  doesn’t want to talk politics, he says, while the investigation into the  movie theater shooting in Lafayette, La., is still so fresh.

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John Houser, 59, killed two people and wounded nine others before killing himself during a showing of the movie "Trainwreck" Thursday night.

Let’s not talk about guns, Jindal says, suggesting it’s inappropriate. Instead, Jindal urged the country to concentrate on love and prayer.

"Now is the time for prayer, now is the time for healing," he has said repeatedly since news of the shooting broke. Jindal said Friday he's "not going anywhere" and there's time to talk politics later.

In the meantime, Jindal's positions on gun ownership are already well known.

>>June 2013: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal signs six gun bills into law

"He was exactly right about us,” Jindal said about President Obama’s comments about gun control in 2012.  “In Louisiana and all across America, we love us some guns and religion.”

In April of this year, he was a speaker at an NRA leadership forum.

And Jindal was mocked earlier this month when he posed with a weapon at a campaign stop in Iowa, with detractors comparing his photo opp with the disastrous campaign photo of Democratic candidate Michael Dukakis riding in a tank during the 1988 presidential campaign.

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