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Photo of Texas man shading woman with umbrella goes viral

A photo of a Texas man who shaded a woman in a wheelchair with an umbrella has gone viral, KTRK reported.

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Louis Jordan was picking his mother up from work in downtown Houston when he saw a stranger sitting in the heat.

"It was unbearably hot. I wouldn't want to be out there in the sun," Jordan told KTRK.

Jordan, 34, went back to his car and grabbed an umbrella, then returned to offer shade to the woman, Michelle.

"It was going to be a little longer for (the) Metro Lift to come and get her, so we ended up waiting out there for an hour and 45 minutes," Jordan said.

It has become a ritual. Now, anytime Jordan sees her waiting for a ride, he grabs his umbrella and goes to enjoy some time with her.

"We laugh, joke. She's in a book club,” Jordan told KTRK. “Come to find out, she likes pork chops." Jordan said.

Jordan’s mother, Vernette Botts, took the photo. She said her son’s act of kindness was nothing new.

Botts said Jordan rescued his grandmother, who was trapped during Hurricane Harvey last year.

"She was trapped inside, four feet of water, no power," Botts said. "He called me back from my mom's and said, 'I got her.'"

Missouri firefighters rescue pit bull puppy caught in pipe

A 5-week-old pit bull puppy was pulled to safety by Missouri firefighters after the animal fell about 20 feet down into a PVC pipe, KTVI reported.

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Members of the Ferguson Fire Department rescued Poncho on Wednesday after the puppy became wedged in the pipe. The animal had been a gift for a boy one day earlier.

“They let the puppy in the backyard to play and apparently the grass has been cut and, in the process, the top of the drain pipe had been cut off so it was an exposed 8-inch PVC pipe,” firefighter Chad Forgue told KTVI. “The puppy walked over and went headfirst down.”

Forgue said his crew tried to lasso the puppy with a rope.

“We could see its tail and one back leg at the time and every now and then when the rope would hit him and he moved a little bit, so it kind of reassured us that he was still with us,” Forgue said. “We just weren’t sure if he was nose down in some water or if he was even at the bottom of the pipe. We didn’t want to knock him down any further.”

It took some time, but the firefighters were able to free Poncho.

“Just seeing the look on (the boy’s) face and that his puppy that he just brought home, the whole family was excited they return to them," Forgue told KTVI. "Sometimes we don’t get to see positives but this time we just so happen to.”

Texas students turn hospital room into prom ballroom for classmate

A Texas high school student confined to a hospital bed because of a condition he has endured since birth still got to enjoy his senior prom -- and was even crowned prom king, WFAA reported.

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Terrence Mayhorn was born with encephalocele, a rare birth defect of the neural tube that affects the brain. He required surgery when he was 3 days old to drain excess fluid from his brain into his abdomen.

As his senior year at Grapevine High School ended, Mayhorn required more surgery, meaning he would miss his senior prom.

However, Mayhorn’s fellow students brought the prom to him, WFAA reported.

Mayhorn had been voted prom king, and last Friday nurses in the neurology unit at Parkland Hospital in Dallas decorated a meeting room to transform it into a prom ballroom.

The school’s prom theme was “Midnight in Paris,” so nurses included a cutout of the Eiffel Tower.

Mayhorn’s mother convinced him to put on a tuxedo, telling him he was going to have his picture taken. When he walked into the makeshift ballroom, he was surprised by the nurses and several classmates, who held a banner proclaiming him prom king and brought a crown for the coronation, WFAA reported.

"I'd like to announce that our class voted you as prom king,” student body president Lyon Lee said as his classmates applauded.

“We don't think it's because Terrence was special needs or anything. It's because he is a special guy," Lee told WFAA. “And the class recognized that and we all voted for him.”

"I'm just overwhelmed," said Terrence's mother, Sharon Okafor. "He's such a popular kid, and he's just so sweet. So, couldn't happen to a better person. He deserves it."

Mayhorn said he was overwhelmed by the surprise.

"Was it awesome?" Okafor asked him.

"Yes. It was awesome," he said.

U.S. surgeon general helps sick passenger while on board Delta flight

The U.S. surgeon general helped a fellow passenger who was having a medical emergency on board a Delta Airlines flight. 

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Dr. Jerome Adams posted on Twitter following the incident: “On my @Delta flight to Jackson, Mississippi (by way of Atlanta), and they asked if there was a Doctor on board to help with a medical emergency- why yes- yes there was. Patient doing well and like a good #USPHS officer, I was glad to be able to assist!”

A Delta spokesperson told The Washington Post that the incident happened before takeoff on board Delta Flight 1827, which was traveling from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to Atlanta Wednesday. 

The passenger lost consciousness before takeoff, according to the Clarion Ledger. The airline crew called for a doctor on board to help, at which point Adams and two nurses stepped in.

The passenger woke up. Adams said it was best for the plane to return to the gate so the passenger could be transported to a hospital for evaluation. Adams also called the passenger’s spouse to share what happened, ABC reports.

Delta praised Adams in a Twitter statement: "When the 'Doctor on board' is THE Doctor. Thanks for your service and assistance today @Surgeon_General."

The patient’s condition is unknown, although Adams tweeted the person was “doing well.”

Adams was traveling to the University of Mississippi Medical Center to discuss the administration’s response to the national opioid epidemic, the Clarion Ledger reports.

Adams is an anesthesiologist who was nominated to be U.S. surgeon general by President Donald Trump. 

He was confirmed by Congress in August and has been serving since Sept. 5. 

6 baby squirrels rescued after getting tails stuck together in Nebraska

Six baby squirrels were rescued by Nebraska wildlife officials after they got their tails in a knot Monday.

The Nebraska Humane Society posted photos of the squirrels on its Facebook page, calling it a “crazy phenomenon.” 

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Craig Luttman told the Omaha World-Herald he saw the 8-week-old squirrels in a tree outside his home in Elkhorn and described it as a “tug of war” as they tried to get free.

The squirrels became tangled after getting caught in tree sap while they were in their nest, the Omaha World-Herald reports

The Nebraska Humane Society said the squirrels were moving as a unit with their tails tangled together.

Animal control officers transported them to Nebraska Wildlife Rehab Inc. and were able to untangle the group at their center in Fort Calhoun.

The group’s executive director told the Omaha World-Herald she had to give the squirrels a mild painkiller and covered them with a towel to keep them calm. She described untangling the six tails to snipping away at a “ball of knotted twine,” which took about an hour. 

Apparently, “several” sightings or cases of this kind have been reported, according to the Nebraska Humane Society

Kids become best of friends during flight, hold hands through airport

It started with a flight like any other. Two kids met on a flight to Flint, Michigan from St. Petersburg, Florida. The kids didn’t know each other, but they appeared to be the best of friends in a now-viral photo that was posted last week, WNEM reported.

They walked through the airport after the flight hand in hand. 

“It’s kids being kids,” Kenya Menzies, Shauntay’s mom, told WNEM. “When left to their own devices everybody is naturally nice.”

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Nicole McCluskey, Kendall’s mother couldn’t agree more, telling WNEM, “It just tells you that we do need more good in the world and this was a prime example and gives us hope.”

“All the bad stories and bad things we hear it’s just nice to see something pure and innocent,” Menzies added.

With the help of Allegiant Air, the two friends met up this week in the terminal, which gave both families a gift of $100 off their next flights and free parking at the Flint airport, WNEM reported.

Microsoft’s Xbox adaptive controller for gamers with disabilities to be released this year

Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller designed for people with disabilities will launch later this year, company officials announced Wednesday. 

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The device can be used to play Xbox One and Windows 10 PC games. It also supports Xbox wireless controller features, including remapping.

When it goes on sale, the adaptive controller will cost $99.99, according to Microsoft officials

A select group of gamers were invited to test the device, Verge reports. The gamers said the controller makes it easier to create different setups for multiple games, allowing them to jump back and forth easily. 

The new controller can be connected to external buttons, switches and joysticks with mounts that allow flexibility to customize to a player’s needs. 

Gamers can also set up three different gaming profiles on the controller and don’t need to reset the device every time they switch games, which is common among modified controllers.

The product’s packaging includes several jacks on the back of the device to help people with dexterity challenges. 

The controller’s rectangular shape is designed to sit in a player’s lap comfortably, so it doesn’t drop or force them to sit in an uncomfortable position. 

The adaptive controller also includes threaded inserts that can be attached to a wheelchair, lap board or desk. 

The edges of the controller are also rounded out to avoid injury if the controller is dropped on a foot, and the front edge is softer, so players can slide their hands into the device to rest comfortably without having to lift it. 

Microsoft has been working on an adaptive controller since 2014, after a Microsoft engineer found a Twitter photo of a custom gaming controller created by Warfighter Engaged, a nonprofit organization that helps get wounded veterans access to gaming.

According to Microsoft, the organization’s founder described how difficult it was for amputees, quadriplegics and vets with traumatic brain injuries to access game controllers, and it inspired a group of team members to help make Microsoft’s controllers accessible to more people. 

Sheriff rescues terrified dog from water; see the rescue and reunion

What was at first thought a sea turtle, was actually a small, terrified dog treading water off Okaloosa County, Florida. 

Luckily when Marine Unit Sgt. Brian Parkton decided to check out the animal on Friday, he was able to rescue the dog that was looking for its owners, the Miami Herald reported.

The entire episode was caught on video and uploaded to YouTube.

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The dog was swimming near the Marler Bridge in Destin, Florida, the Panama City News Herald reported.

Parkton pulled the dog on board his boat, and the dog took his command position at the back of the craft, standing on its hind legs, searching for his missing family, the Miami Herald reported.

Parkton eventually found the dog’s owners who scooped up their wet, but happy pooch, the Panama City News Herald reported.

Soldier reunited with dog she rescued during Iraq tour

It was a match made in a war zone that now has a happy ending with a long-awaited reunion.

Sgt. Tracy McKithern found a small stray dog hanging around camp when she was deployed to Iraq last year. But it wasn’t uncommon to see dogs roaming the streets in Iraq. The dog and her mom were abused, kicked and hit with rocks. They were also starving, the Army said.

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But the daily abuse didn’t stop the dog from greeting McKithern when she held out her hand.

“She loved everyone,” McKithern said. “She is the sweetest little soul. She came up to me immediately, probably hungry, but gentle. I think she was looking for love more than anything else.”

And it was love that she found. 

McKithern, and soldiers from Italy and Germany who were attached to her unit, named the dog Erby Kaisma. Erby came from the city Erbil, while Kaisma is the Arabic name for “beauty and elegance,” according to the Army.

Over the following days and weeks, Erby started sleeping outside McKithern’s quarters.

But soon McKithern would have to return home. She posted to Facebook saying she wished she could take Erby with her. The next morning, with the help of friends and family, they got the ball rolling to get the thousands of dollars needed to bring the dog to America.

Complete strangers started donating too, with the help of Puppy Rescue Mission.

Then the work began. McKithern started making arrangements to get Erby the vaccinations, documentations and travel plans to get the dog shipped home. When it got overwhelming, Kurdish and German officers whom McKithern worked with helped get Erby’s paperwork submitted, according to Army reports.

McKithern returned to the United States without her beloved pup. But Erby was scheduled to follow a few weeks later. 

After all that work, McKithern got orders for a 67-day mission in Wisconsin, forcing her to leave her Tampa home on March 11, the same day that Erby was supposed to land stateside.

Luckily McKithern’s husband was able to get Erby to Florida and have her waiting for McKithern when her two-month mission ended.

The long-awaited reunion happened this week, as McKithern returned home to the love of her canine companion, Erby, WFTS reported.

Erby’s mother is still back in Iraq and is being taken care of by the soldiers left behind. McKithern hopes that she can be adopted also, despite the high financial cost, WFTS reported.

For more information on the Puppy Rescue Mission, a nonprofit that helps reunite soldiers with the animals they find when deployed, click here.

Limo driver volunteers his time to drive girl to hospital in style

Since her family moved to Bridgewater from Ohio, Mary Alice Tryda has made a lot of new friends, including Steve Hipolito, who owns Silver City Limousine in Taunton, Massachusetts.

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The two connected when Mary Alice's mother asked a simple question on Facebook.

"I had posted on the Bridgewater board on Facebook, just looking for information on how to get from Bridgewater to Boston Children's Hospital because we were new to the area," said Kelly Tryda.

Mary Alice was born with a genetic disorder that affects her skin, joints, muscles, hearing and sight.

She meets with specialists in Boston every month. 

Hipolito not only responded to the Facebook post, he offered to chauffeur Mary Alice to the hospital for free, and in style.

“I have a similar story. When I was a child, my mother had to bring me back and forth to the Children's Hospital so I understood her stress," said Hipolito.

After that first trip, Steve was hooked on the sweet 8-year-old with sparkles on her feet and in her eyes.

He now drives Mary Alice and her mother to all of her doctors’ appointments in Boston.

"He never asks for any publicity for this or that I post anything about it or I hand his cards out. He's just happy to do it and he loves Mary Alice," said Tryda. 

Tryda said Hipolito's kindness has taken a big burden off her shoulders. 

"She's a lot of fun. She's always giggling, making sounds. It's a good time," said Hipolito. 

Tryda said Mary Alice has an important surgery coming up this summer. 

UCF students to give free bionic arms to children with missing limbs

A non-profit started by UCF students is helping children across the U.S. with missing limbs.

The central Florida-based group known as Limbitless will help launch the first U.S. clinical trial of bionic arms for children made on 3D printers. The group, which is based the University of Central Florida, is partnering with Oregon Health & Science University.

“We are so excited to feature some of the new work and talk about how it's going to have a huge effect on families all around the country,” Limbitless president Albert Manero told WFTV’s Ty Russell.

Watch: Wednesday sun turns to storms

The clinical trial will recruit 20 children, primarily from the southeastern U.S. and Pacific Northwest, to be fitted with Limbitless' custom-designed bionic arms. Over the course of a year, the children will learn how to use the arms through occupational therapy.

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The results of the clinical trial will help the Food & Drug Administration decide whether to approve the arm to be covered by insurance.

Watch: Affordable 3-D-printed prosthetic arms go to kids across the country

The announcement puts Limbitless closer to its goal of creating 5,000 bionic arms by 2020 for free, which could save each family as much as $100,000.

“We are watching this new version of the arm and the different progress it has made, and ultimately reflecting how kids use it in their daily lives,” Manero said.

In March, UCF students in the program unveiled a video game in which children use a special controller on their limb to build up their muscle to help control the bionic arms. 

Watch: UCF students design video game for children without limbs

“For us, it's phenomenal to see kids using the arms outside the laboratory and being able to see that tangible impact on your community,” Manero said.

Dog saves canine companion from pool

A dog didn’t hesitate to save its canine companion after the dog fell into a pool. 

Smokey and Remus play by the pool frequently Laurie Becerra told KNXV.

But this time things didn’t happen as usual. Smokey fell in and couldn’t get out. 

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So Remus did what any person would have done in the situation and jumped in to save his doggie brother, pushing him out of the pool, KNXV reported.

The rescue was caught on security camera and was later uploaded to Facebook where it has gone viral.

Becerra said that Smokey can’t swim well, but this was the first time there was a problem.

Smokey is learning to swim now and the family has bought a life vest for the pup, KNXV reported.

Waitress surprised with truck driver’s $2,000 tip

A waitress in Roland, Arkansas got a Mother’s Day tip that she’ll always remember. 

Brenda Pearson was working at the 4 Star Diner when a truck driver ordered a cheeseburger to go, KFSM reported

Despite a mistake, the burger had only one patty instead of the normal two, they fixed it and got the driver on his way.

But not before he gave his waitress a large tip.

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David Platt thought Pearson could use some cash, so he tipped her $1,000, KFSM reported

“It was late and there wasn’t really anybody around so I got talking to her a little bit,” Platt told KFSM. “We talked about the Lord and about her life and her children. I got the impression that she was having a hard time of it, so I thought I’d just help her out a little bit.”

The story of Platt’s good deed could end there.

But an hour later, he paid a second visit for pie. 

He left a second $1,000 tip.

Platt said that the $2,000 in tips wasn’t planned but it was the right thing to do, KFSM reported.

“Money is just paper or numbers on a screen,” Platt told KFSM. “Self-gratification only goes so far. So, when you’re helping another person, you’re adding something to the world. It’s an investment and people, people are what’s important.”

Pearson has two stepdaughters and hopes to use the windfall to help them and their families, KFSM reported.

7-year-old surprises mom with perfect Mother’s Day breakfast

What would you call a meal of four strawberries, a tube of Go-Gurt, a slightly peeled kiwi and a bowl of cereal? How about the perfect Mother’s Day breakfast made by your 7-year-old?

Arizona mom Samantha posted her Mother’s Day surprise on Reddit

She said it all started when her son woke her up at 6:15 a.m. this weekend with a very important question -- did she like Go-Gurts, KTTV reported.

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Then he had to find what he called the “grown up bowls” and then attempted to peel the kiwi with a child-safe butter knife, but he didn’t get too far.

Once he was able to get all the ingredients to the perfect breakfast and delivered it to Samantha, she said that he sat and watched her eat every last bite, KTTV reported

4-year-old girl severely burned by hot grease has special 'graduation' ceremony

A 4-year-old Georgia girl left in a coma after a house fire is back home. 

>> Watch the news report here

Caliyah Ross went home Tuesday after spending weeks at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, and staff held an extra-special ceremony for the 4-year-old before her discharge.

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Ross had been looking forward to her pre-K graduation ceremony. She had taken pictures in her cap and gown.

Then, she was burned in a house fire.

Ross suffered third-degree burns to her face and arms after her uncle was discarding a pan of hot fish grease.

It caught fire, and the flames tore into the 4-year-old.

“It was a fire, you know, it was a fire that happened,” said her mother Latoya Heyward.


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The pain was so intense doctors placed her in a medically induced coma. Then she began to get better.

“She just looked like she was in pain but some days I would go to the ICU and ask her if she was in pain and she would shake her head and say, ‘No,’” Heyward said.

After rigorous speech and physical therapy, WSB-TV’s Tom Jones was there when Ross recovered enough to be discharged.

Her family said a higher power made it happen.

“She's been in here for about a month and he literally restored her back to health,” Heyward said.

Before she left on Tuesday, the hospital arranged a special graduation ceremony since Caliyah couldn't make her own.

>> Watch the clip here

The scars remain on her body.

Celebrity painter Antoine Donte painted a mural to remind Ross how beautiful she was and is. He included a scripture.

“It says, ‘For I will restore health to you and I will heal your wounds says the Lord,’” Heyward said.

Ross still has a long road to recovery.

She can't be out in the direct sunlight, so she will have to stay inside this summer.

You can donate to the family here.

12-year-old fan stuns Pink as she sings at Vancouver show

A 12-year-old fan who campaigned to sing on stage at Pink’s Vancouver, British Columbia, concert didn’t quite get her wish, but still managed to showcase her talent.

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Billboard reported that Victoria Anthony posted a video on Twitter May 1, writing, “please let me sing on stage with you in #Vancouver May 12. I’ll be ready!” 

At the May 12 show at Rogers Arena, Pink recognized Victoria in the crowd. The aspiring singer’s story had been picked up by Canadian outlets, including Global News, weeks before. 

“Are you who I read about on the news?” Pink asked Victoria at the show, according to Global News. “Do you want to come sing something?”

Pink handed her the mic, and the fan quickly impressed her. As she sang Pink’s 2010 song “Perfect,” the crowd erupted in applause.

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“Wow. Now I don’t want to sing anymore,” Pink joked. “You’re amazing. Thank you,” Pink said as she gave Victoria a hug.

“How do you follow that?” she said as she returned to the stage.

Victoria told Global News she felt incredible after the performance.

“I’m still kind of in shock,” she said. “What I’m taking away from this, and what everyone should take away, is that when you want something, like, nothing is impossible. You can always achieve something; (it) is just about the amount of effort you put in.”

Son of officer killed in the line of duty gets full police escort to school

An Indiana boy had to take what was probably one of the most difficult trips to school, but he didn’t go alone: His father’s brothers in blue were with him every step of the way.

Dakota Pitts, 5,  is the son of Rob Pitts, a police officer from Terre Haute, Indiana, who was recently killed in the line of duty.

Dakota’s mom asked the police department if someone would escort him to school, but never imagined that not one, not 10, but 70 officers and other supporters lined the sidewalk Monday to welcome Dakota back to his school, WTHI reported.

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“It’s a brotherhood. It’s not like any other job you’re going to have. Guys are close. You form bonds that you wouldn’t form in a different profession. When somebody’s in need, we go, especially for a fallen officer and his kid,” Detective Less Hamm told WNDU.

The SWAT team gave Dakota his own SWAT shirt and badge.

“He will definitely know his dad was a hero. Blood doesn’t always make family and I think the blue family went above and beyond,” Dakota’s aunt, and his father’s sister, Kelly Jones, told WTHI.

Friends bring prom to Illinois girl burned in fire pit explosion

An Illinois teenager thought she was going to miss her prom after suffering severe burns in a backyard fire pit explosion last month. But her friends brought the prom to her, WLS reported.

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Korryn Bachner, 15, a sophomore at Glenbard East High School in Lombard, was among a dozen teens injured last month when a boy poured gasoline on a bonfire during a weekend party.

Bachner suffered serious burns to her face and hands and was not going to attend her prom on Saturday. Her date, however, decorated the Bachners’ basement, and friends dropped in to visit before the actual prom started, WLS reported.

"There were tears," Korryn’s father, Bob Bachner, told WLS.

“Overwhelming doesn't seem like the right word anymore," said Korryn’s mother, Ellen Bachner.

While doctors expect Korryn to make a full recovery, it will take months, WLS reported.

"Having all my friends’ support, it helps a lot,” Korryn told WLS. “It takes my mind off things.”

Double amputee from China, 69, conquers Mount Everest

It took five tries, but a 69-year-old double-amputee from China reached the summit of Mount Everest on Monday morning.

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Xia Boyu reached the top of the world’s highest mountain from the Nepal side at 8:26 a.m. Monday, according to a post by his son, Cloud Xia, on WeChat, a Chinese messaging platform, Time reported.

“My Dad reached Everest at 8:26 Nepal time!!! Has realized his 40 years dream!!!” Cloud Xia wrote.

Xia realized a dream that begin in 1975. On his first attempt to scale Everest, he lost his legs after lending a fellow member of the Chinese Mountaineering Team his sleeping bag. He suffered frostbite and had both legs amputated below the knee, Time reported.

Xia also tried to reach the summit four times in the past four years, Time reported. In 2014, climbing season was canceled due to an avalanche. A 7.8 earthquake that shook Nepal and causes more avalanches thwarted Xia’s attempt in 2015. In 2016, Xia came within 300 feet of reaching the summit when a blizzard forced him to abort the mission, Time reported.

“I love the mountain,” Xia told Time before his latest climb. “I will fight for it my entire life.”

Mark Inglis, of New Zealand, was the first double-amputee to reach Everest’s summit from the Tibet side in 2006, Time reported. 

WATCH: Fiona the hippo gives mom hugs and kisses at Cincinnati Zoo

Fiona — the Cincinnati Zoo’s celebrity hippo — was recently spotted giving her mom hugs and kisses.

>> Hippo photo bombs engagement proposal

Videos from the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden show Fiona interacting with her mom, Bibi.

>> Click here to watch

Fiona was born premature in January 2017 and received around-the-clock care. She weighed 29 pounds, which zoo officials said is well below a baby hippo’s typical weight. Hippos can grow to be 3,000 pounds.

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When Fiona became dehydrated, specialists from the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center helped give her an IV.

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Henry, Fiona’s father, was euthanized in October. Henry had been struggling for several months with health issues and had lost hundreds of pounds, the zoo said.

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