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Posted: February 26, 2011

Mike B


NAME: Mike B

ALIASES: The big homie

When did you know that you wanted to be on the radio? In High School, My Uncle was cool with the DJ’s & would bring me to hang at the Radio Station.

Favorite part of your job? Interacting with the Listeners!! Never a Dull Moment!

If you could play 21 questions with anyone dead or alive, who would you choose? JESUS… SoOoOoo Much I would want to know!

If you could take a selfie with anyone who would it be? The Moon! I want to take a selfie in Space Posted up next to the MOON! LoL

Favorite social site? (FB, IG, Twitter, etc) I Can’t Lie… I’ve been on IG Heavy!

Do you have a worthy cause that's close to your heart? The KAPOW Program  “Kids And The Power Of Work”

What keeps you motivated? Being a part of 99Jamz The Heritage Station The BIG Station… Staying #1 Keeps The Drive Going!!!

Biggest inspiration? My Son! Seeing him Inspires me to be the BEST Me Every Day!

In your opinion, which decade was the best and why? The 90’s for Sure!!!  That’s when there were No worries, No Responsibilities, Your Job was just to be a Kid!

Ugly for life or attractive and die in a year? Who the Hell wrote This Question?!??

Best compliment you've received? “You’re an AWESOME Dad!”

Do you have a guilty pleasure? Not Really but I can literally watch Animal Planet, Nat Geo, and The Discovery Channel ALL DAY LONG!

How can you be reached? @mikeb99jamz

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